Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia 2023-08-02T04:30:32+00:00 Chici Riansih, S.ST., M.Keb Open Journal Systems <p><span class="fontstyle0">Jurnal pengabdian kepada masyarakat adalah terbitan berkala nasional yang memuat<br />artikel dari hasil diseminasi kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat yang berbasis research dalam bidang kesehatan.<br /></span></p> IMPROVING PUBLIC HEALTH THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE USE OF FAMILY MEDICINAL PLANTS (TOGA) IN KLATEN, CENTRAL JAVA 2023-07-27T03:16:38+00:00 Dwi Ratnaningsih Cici Riansih <p>In an effort to improve public health in Karangasem Hamlet, Barukan Village, Manisrenggo<br>District, Klaten Regency, by utilizing traditional plants as natural remedies, the community is<br>taught to plant TOGA in their fields or yards. The purpose of this activity is to increase public<br>awareness and understanding of the importance of planting TOGA in the land or yard of the<br>house. The method of implementing this activity begins with outreach, training and<br>mentoring. The results of this activity increased knowledge and awareness about the<br>importance of planting TOGA. Suggestions for the people in the Klaten Environment to utilize<br>vacant land as a place to plant TOGA, increase knowledge of the benefits of TOGA as a<br>natural medicine and cultivate it to increase residents' income. In addition, TOGA can also be<br>used as a traditional medicine to improve public health in the Klaten environment, so that<br>residents are not dependent on the use of medical drugs.</p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia MANAGEMENT OF INCREASING PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF MEDICAL RECORDS IN HEALTH CARE FACILITIES 2023-07-27T03:59:50+00:00 Anas Rahmad Hidayat Wahyu Joko Pamungkas <p>Medical records have use value as information on health care and patient treatment as evidence<br>in law enforcement processes, fostering medical personnel discipline, enforcing medical ethics, for<br>educational and research purposes, the basis for health service financing and for compiling health<br>statistics. Therefore, the filling of this medical record must be complete and should not be delayed<br>in filling it either for patients or health workers. However, many people do not know the important<br>function of completing medical records and disclosure of personal information that must be given<br>to health care facilities and even health workers who care for them in supporting the quality of<br>information on the medical records. The purpose of this activity is to increase public knowledge<br>about the importance of medical records for people seeking treatment at health care facilities. The<br>material presented related to the application of quality in medical records can be carried out starting<br>from the preparation of indicators, then the methods used can be in the form of quantitative and<br>qualitative analysis, dimensions depicted in medical record services, namely tangible (physical<br>evidence), reliability (reliability), responsivness (responsiveness), assurance (assurance) and<br>emphaty (empathy), and interest in quality control and costs. Material participants acted well during<br>the implementation of community service</p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA EDUCATION AS AN EARLY DETECTION OF RISKS IN PREGNANT WOMEN IN MLATI SUB-DISTRICT, SLEMAN, YOGYAKARTA 2023-07-20T04:37:54+00:00 Chici Riansih Aglita Janis Rupita <p> <span class="fontstyle0">Pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency anemia can have a negative impact on the health<br />of mothers and babies born so that it can increase maternal mortality and infant mortality rates.<br />The main cause of anemia during pregnancy is iron deficiency. Anemia is a global problem,<br />especially for pregnant women. The main cause of anemia in pregnancy is iron deficiency followed<br />by folate deficiency. WHO estimates that the incidence of anemia is around 42% in pregnant<br />women with middle to lower economic conditions. Proper implementation of anemia is very<br />important, so that the interventions provided are accurate and improve services. The purpose of<br />this community service activity is to increase the knowledge of pregnant women in early detection<br />of risks in their pregnancy. This form of activity is community service with educational methods,<br />namely lectures and questions and answers. . The assessment of pregnant women's<br />understanding of iron deficiency anemia education as an early detection of risk in pregnant women<br />is 3 stages, namely the pretest stage, the education stage, and the postetest stage as well as the<br />evaluation of deficiency anemia so that it gets treatment as soon as possible. The quality of this<br />generation of peneur begins from the time it is still in the womb to the first 1000 days of life.<br />Responsibility starts with us caring and understanding.</span> </p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia 10.59737/JPI Simple Science Experiment at KB-TKIT Salman Al-Farisi 2 Yogyakarta 2023-03-31T06:36:03+00:00 Ratih Purwanti <p>Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is essentially education that is held with the aim of facilitating the growth and development of children as a whole or emphasizing the development of all aspects of the child's personality. Therefore PAUD provides an opportunity for children to develop their personality and potential to the fullest. Children have a very high curiosity. This curiosity needs to be facilitated by adults, including parents/tutors/teachers who function as children's teachers. Children can learn anything from an early age, including learning science. Learning science from an early age begins by introducing nature and the environment. This will enrich the child's experience. Children learn to experiment, explore, and investigate their surroundings. This Community Service Activity (PkM) aims to improve children's skills in honing the ability to think about simple science events and provide education to children about simple experiments. This activity is carried out in the form of simulations and direct practical assistance to TK- KBIT Salman Al-Farisi 2 Yogyakarta. The first experiment was blowing up a balloon with a bottle. The second experiment is to make rainbow colors in a bottle and the third is a lava lamp. The result of this activity is that participants can carry out simple science experiments and gain scientific knowledge from the experiments carried out</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Keywords: experiments, childhood, science</p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia SOCIALIZATION OF MEDICAL RECORD DESTRUCTION PROCEDURE AT PUBLIC HEALTH CENTER WORKING AREA OF KULON PROGO HEALTH DEPARTMENT 2023-08-02T03:59:20+00:00 Harinto Nur Seha <p><span class="fontstyle0">Medical record is a document that is used as a media record in serving patients at the health center. The<br>implementation of recording using paper media turned out to have several weaknesses including the need<br>for storage space. Storage space in each public health center has limitations due to the area of the room,<br>the number of rooms, and the availability of storage shelves. The number of medical records will continue<br>to increase at any time, so it is necessary to carry out activities to destroy medical records according to<br>applicable policies. The results of a preliminary study with the Head of the DPC PORMIKI Kulon Progo and<br>the Head of 6 public health center Installation, the obstacles faced by the public health center in the Kulon<br>Progo Health Office work area are 1) There is no special room for storing inactive medical records due to<br>limited space, 2) It cannot be destroyed because there are several extermination procedures that involve<br>external parties, namely archivists, 3) Lack of medical record and health information graduates in each<br>health center, so they do not understand the procedure and management of medical record disposal. This<br>activity was attended by 120 participants which was held online and offline while adhering to health<br>protocols during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The method of implementing this activity is by conducting<br>outreach to HIM at the Kulon Progo Health Center. This activity includes the presentation of material by<br>resource persons as PMIK experts and resource persons from the Archives and discussions with<br>participants. The resulting outputs are 1) procedures and procedures for the destruction of medical records<br>2) optimization and ease of knowledge of PMIK officers in the destruction process which can involve the<br>authorities.</span> </p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia NUTRITIONAL STATUS ASSESSMENT TO PREVENT NUTRITIONAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH PROBLEMS FOR WOMEN OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE (WUS) AT THE EXECUTIVE TAHFIZH CENTER YOGYAKARTA 2023-08-02T04:30:32+00:00 Elly Naila Fauziah <p><span class="fontstyle0">Background: Energy and nutritional needs are influenced by reproductive age, activity level, and<br>nutritional status. (Marmi, 2013) Executive Tahfizh Center (ETC) Yogyakarta is an educational institution<br>for quarantine memorizing the Koran and all of its participants live in one place. The subject of this<br>community service is all female students (19 people) aged 15-36 years. This nutritional status<br>assessment is important, considering the high productivity of students in implementing this quarantine<br>program and to prevent nutritional and reproductive health problems for Women of Reproductive Age<br>(WUS). Methods of implementation: Nutrition counseling on reproductive health, anthropometric<br>examinations in the form of measuring body weight (BB) and height (TB) to obtain a measure of<br>nutritional status according to Body Mass Index (BMI), as well as age observation and measurement of<br>upper arm circumference (LILA) to obtain measure of nutritional status according to LILA. Results and<br>discussion: The results of measuring nutritional status according to the BMI classification were 16<br>normal people, 2 people who were severely obese, and 1 person who was mildly thin. Nutritional status<br>according to LILA classification, 15 people with good nutrition, 2 people with obesity, 1 person with<br>overweight, and 1 person with severe nutrition. Conclusion: Community service activities through<br>counseling and nutritional status assessment can increase knowledge and provide an overview of<br>students' nutritional status. Counseling and evaluating nutritional status needs to be carried out regularly<br>to prevent nutritional and reproductive health problems, so as to support student productivity during<br>quarantine.</span> </p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia SOCIALIZATION ABOUT PROLANIS TO THE POSBINDU MANGGULAN RT 06 RW 07 WITH A PURPOSE FOR PREVENTING A BUILDING OF CHRONIC REFERRAL DISEASE IN HOSPITAL (FKTL) 2023-08-02T04:16:43+00:00 Ahmad Yani Noor <p><span class="fontstyle0">Chronic disease is a disease that is the main cause of death in Indonesia. The incidence of chronic<br>diseases in Indonesia has increased based on the results of the 2018 Basic Health Research compared<br>to the results of the 2013 Basic Health Research. Since 2014, the implementation of the Chronic Disease<br>Control Program (hereinafter referred to as Prolanis) from the government has not gone well in several<br>regions. The obstacles that occur are the lack of cooperation from all parties and the community's noncompliance with Prolanis. Currently, movements, communities and community groups have emerged<br>with positive activities, one of which is the Manggulan Posbindu (Integrated Post) located in Sanggrahan<br>Hamlet, Sleman Regency. Posbindu Mangulan in collaboration with the Yogyakarta Permata Indonesia<br>Health Polytechnic created a series of activities to make Prolanis a success, including free blood sugar<br>and blood pressure checks, as well as outreach and discussion about Prolanis. This activity is attended<br>by 20 participants and will be held regularly. It is hoped that the high enthusiasm of the participants in<br>the discussion process and a series of examination activities will make Prolanis successful and prevent<br>the accumulation of chronic disease referrals at the hospital.</span> </p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia PENDAMPINGAN KOMUNIKASI MINDSET TUMBUH IBU UNTUKMENINGKATKAN SUBJECTIVE WELL-BEINGANAK USIA DINI DI TK BHAKTI PKK 2 SAYEGAN YOGYAKARTA 2023-07-20T08:38:32+00:00 harpeni siswatibudi <p><em>Based on the results of previous research, the author obtained data that there was an increase in subjective well-being in early childhood at TK Bhakti PKK 2 Sayegan whose mother applied growth mindset communication and respondents with a growth mindset believed that children need practice and effort to be able to develop their potential and children are free to create, Show positive affection, have problem solving skills and tend to be more active. This activity aims to assist mothers in implementing growth mindset communication in their sons/daughters. The target of this assistance is 18 mothers / guardians of students of TK Bhakti PKK 2 Sayegan. This mentoring is divided into 3 sessions, for 3 weeks involving class teachers.</em></p> 2023-03-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Permata Indonesia